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Lourdes launched Recuerdos in 2020 as an online souvenir shop. After working with makers from around the world to source products she decided to expand her offerings to retail curation. 

Drawing from her early academic foundation in International Human Rights and her expertise in storytelling, Lourdes, a travel writer and cultural curator, guides hospitality destinations in crafting their unique retail selections. With a sharp focus on discovering artisans, she brings a discerning eye to the process, ensuring the selection reflects authenticity, craftsmanship, and purpose.


   Our Values

Advocating for female small business owners globally is at the core of our values.

Embracing a mindset of curious exploration drives us.

We prioritize a slow travel approach when discovering new destinations.

Our curiosity is anchored in empathy, shaping our perspectives deeply.

As perpetual learners, we approach craftsmanship + culture with profound respect and reverence.