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The Afghan Collection

Culture Story

Curated to immerse you in the culture of Afghanistan, a place with a rich history and beauty. This bundle will transport you and serve as a bridge to this faraway land through culinary traditions, rituals, and stories. 


Products Included

Parwana Cookbook

These fragrant and flavourful recipes have been in the family for generations and include rice dishes, dumplings, curries, meats, Afghan pasta, chutneys and pickles, soups, and breads, drinks, and desserts. Some are everyday meals, some are celebratory special dishes. Each has a story to tell.

Moonflowers Saffron

The saffron industry has been growing and Afghanistan has been producing premium quality saffron. The workforce behind this beautiful spice is Afghan women who handpick the saffron flowers during harvest season in October/November. Most women in rural areas have no access to the labor market and being able to work and earn their own income is meaningful empowerment. 

Tahmina Ghaffer started Moonflowers in 2020 as a homage to Afghanistan.  Her brand was inspired by Middle Eastern poetry, architecture, and her ancestors; her mission is to bring dignified work to women in Afghanistan.  


The Afghan Collection
The Afghan Collection
The Afghan Collection
The Afghan Collection