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Lemon Verbena sachet

Travel Story

Verbena arrived in Europe only in the 17th century. Still, it quickly found a second home in the Eastern Aegean islands, where it beautifully suited the region’s climate and became a garden staple.  Our whole leaf selection has a bright green color and a distinctive lemony flavor. It comes from an organic farm on the faraway island of Samos. From harvesting to packing, everything gets done by hand.

How to use

Lemon verbena makes a delicious herbal tea. You’ll need a teaspoon (that’s approximately 0.3g) per teacup, dosage on taste. Simmer for 5mins at 95 C, covered. Strain and serve. Ideal for making herb-infused water: follow the steps above, then let the infusion come to room temperature upon steeping. Consume within 24hrs. Verbena is very well suited for experiments due to its combinable, lemony flavor. Powder the leaves and use in sponge cakes or homemade pasta. It makes a unique substitute for lemon or mint in poultry and stuffing recipes.


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