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Smoked Chili Flakes jar | Greece

In Northern Greece, the culinary importance of peppers dates back to the Ottoman Empire—and, still are a beloved ingredient in kitchens across the country. One of the most noteworthy is the Karatzova pepper, grown in Almopia—a region in the Northernmost part of Greece, bordering North Macedonia—known for its sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Now, there are only a select number of farmers cultivating this local variety.  For Daphnis & Chloe's Smoked Chili Flakes, the Karatzova peppers are allowed to ripen through the end of the season in September. The peppers are harvests, washed and hand-sorted before being slowly dried on birch wood for 10 days. During the smoking, the farmers work in shifts tending the fire night and day to make sure it never goes out. After this smoking and drying process, the peppers are destemmed and crushed manually to create a rich, deeply smoky chili flake with a robust sweetness and subtle, building heat.  


Crumble with your palms or fingers before use. You’ll need 2-3 blossoms per portion. Floral and tingling, this thyme is best friends with lemon, garlic, and olive oil. A combination capable of taking plain roasted potatoes to another level.  Use for brining the chicken, marinating lamb, or pickling vegetables. You can add a couple of thyme blossoms in your herbal infusions: they pair well with peppermint, and they have digestive, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties.  
About the producer, Former journalist Evangelia Koutsovoulou established Daphnis and Chloe, a company that sources dried culinary herbs and spices, in Athens in 2013. The Mediterranean herbs are all grown and harvested in ideal geographic settings, which range from remote land in the mountains to small islands, and allow the products to reach their prime. Daphnis and Chloe herbs are hand-picked and processed using non-invasive artisanal methods. 

Try Oregano from Taygetus, which won a sofi™ Gold Award for Seasoning & Spice in 2017, Unique Greek Sage, sofi™ Silver Award-winning Wild Thyme Flowers and more. The thyme buds are cut and selected one by one and are as beautiful as they are versatile: pair with grilled vegetables, use in marinades for chicken or steeped in tea.

Learn more about Koutsovoulou's story in this article from the Wall Street Journal
Smoked Chili Flakes jar | Greece