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Greek Oregano bouquet | Greece

These gorgeous bouquets are one of the most elaborate products that we make here at Daphnis and Chloe. It takes the most skilled workers an entire hour to put together just 15 of them. The purpose? To maintain the crispy flavor of minute-ground herbs. 

Handpicked from an organic farm on a little known, mountainous village of the Peloponnese, this mountainous oregano grows surrounded by walnut and chestnut trees.



People sometimes wonder why our selection includes three different types of oregano. Well, oregano is not just “one” herb, but rather a generic name used to define over 40 plant varieties around the world. And according to botanical scientists, Greece happens to be where some of the most praised varietals of oregano thrive.

Rich in essential oils, spicy and peppery, our Oregano from Taygetus is what we call all-purpose oregano here at Daphnis and Chloe. Store your bouquet in a pasta jar (or any airtight container), and crumble some florets on your salad right before serving. You will be transported to the Greek countryside, right away!

Greek Oregano bouquet | Greece